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We help neighbors in Brooklyn pool resources to buy food and groceries.

Solidarity is not charity

What is mutual aid?

Papertree.earth is an app inspired by the long legacy of mutual aid, which is a practice rooted in collective care and equity. Think about how family looks out for each other.

Unlike charity which relies on an outside person or organization (like a nonprofit) swooping in and saving the day, mutual aid is about sharing resources to ensure collective survival.

How it works


If you can, contribute as little as $1 on a one-off or recurring basis directly to your community fund.


If you're needing support, withdraw from your community fund to cover your basic needs such as food and groceries.


Repeat the cycle of giving and receiving to invest in and support the growth of your community!

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Mission Driven

Papertree's mission is to cultivate abundance in local communities through decentralized financial & legal tools.

  • Cultivating Abundance: Abundance is our birthright and we seek to combat scarcity and poverty.
  • Solidarity, Not Charity: We believe in supporting those around us, knowing we may need that support one day.
  • Decentralized Tools: Decentralization is baked into our roadmap to prevent anyone from getting between you and your community.

Technology for the public good

1 in 4 families in NYC struggle with food insecurity. We hope you'll join us in our fight to change that!

Papertree Roadmap



Papertree launches as a platform for fiscal sponsorship, connecting with the first community: Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.


coming soon

After validating Papertree in Bed Stuy, the plan is to move onward to additional neighborhoods to expand the scope of impact,


coming LATER

We plan to open up the Papertree platform in a way that any community can be onboarded onto it without much coordination.



Reaching $1K USD in contributions would validate that there is interest in building these reciprocal community networks using Papertree.


coming soon

We'll take feedback from the community to build a better platform to serve their unique needs.

Papertree Team

Rudy Fraser (He/Him)

Founder & CEO

Rudy is a native New Yorker and technologist with experience leading IT teams and building robust IT architecture. He is passionate about healing with community, creating sustainability, and leveraging technology to solve problems.

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Frequently asked questions

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