Joint accounts for entire communities

Papertree provides a joint money account you can share with your community as easily and securely as a Google Doc.

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Money is collective power.

We believe shared access is the key to unlocking team innovation. That’s why we built Papertree for groups to make financial decisions faster, and with more trust.

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How it works

Collective control

Rather than any one admin, give everyone on the team the ability to help execute financial decisions with their vote.


Once votes are in, the decision is recorded transparently and money is sent automatically - no extra work necessary.

Fiscal hosting 

Papertree acts as a fiscal host so you don’t need a legal entity for your fund and can create new ones as workstreams evolve.

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See Papertree in action

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The roots of our tree

Papertree started as a food justice initiative to help our neighbors in Central Brooklyn share funds for groceries. We continue to support our community and are grateful for their participation in inspiring this vision.

Papertree Team

Rudy Fraser

Marisa Rando (She/Her)

Marisa is a native New Yorker and marketing expert with experience across tech companies and community organizations. She is committed to creating local, democratic systems of safety alongside her neighbors.

Rudy Fraser

Rudy Fraser (He/Him)

Rudy is a native New Yorker and technologist with experience leading IT teams and building robust IT architecture. He is passionate about healing with community, creating sustainability, and leveraging technology to solve problems.

Papertree is all of us 🌍

Get consistent support.

Want help setting up an account for your team(s), or have questions about your account? Use our online chatbot feature or email to get in touch.

Painting of two people mutually supporting each oth

Make money work for your team.

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