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Share what you can,
Take what you need

We help neighbors anywhere pool resources to buy food and groceries.

Solidarity is not charity

What is mutual aid?

Papertree.earth is an app inspired by the long legacy of mutual aid, which is a practice rooted in collective care and equity. Think about how family looks out for each other.

Unlike charity which relies on an outside person or organization (like a nonprofit) swooping in and saving the day, mutual aid is about sharing resources to ensure collective survival.

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How it works


If you can, contribute as little as $5 on a one-off or recurring basis directly to your community fund.


If you're needing support, withdraw from your community fund to cover your basic needs such as food and groceries.


Repeat the cycle of giving and receiving to invest in and support the growth of your community!

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Est. Annual Volume:


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Mission Driven

Papertree's mission is to cultivate abundance in local communities through reciprocal, mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Cultivating Abundance: To create the opposite of scarcity, poverty, and zero-sum scenarios.
  • Local First: To reconnect individuals, collectives, and even companies back to the local communities they impact.
  • Reciprocity: To make it clear that benefitting local communities also benefits you.

Technology for the public good

1 in 4 families in NYC struggle with food insecurity. We hope you'll join us in our fight to change that!

Image of a commemorative HyperCertificate representing token #1 and claim #1 issued to Dennis J. Irizarry

Certify Your Impact Today

Contribute $150 USD and receive an "Impact HyperCertificate" issued by Papertree. Each HyperCert represents 1 months worth of free food & groceries provided to the community.

Trade HyperCerts on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea or retire them to earn a Social Impact Score.

Papertree reserves the right to make offers equal to 150 DAI to buy back Hypercerts at its own discretion.

Papertree Roadmap



Papertree launches as a platform for fiscal sponsorship, connecting with the first community: Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

DAO Launch


Papertree takes its first steps into web3 by launching a community controlled Ethereum wallet that works just like v1 Papertree. Received our first $1K USD worth of ETH..

Hypercertificate Launch


HyperCerts launch as a form of tokenized impact and a means of rewarding contributors for making larger contributions to Papertree.

Measuring Impact

coming later

Helping organizations better understand the impact they have on local communities.



Received our first $1K USD in contributions! There's interest in building reciprocal community networks using Papertree.



As Papertree spread through word-of-mouth, additional communities requested to have a Papertree branch. Papertree launches a branch in The Bronx.

Web App Launch

coming LATER

Design a new web app using the feedback and learnings crowdsourced from the Papertree community.

Papertree Team

Rudy Fraser

Marisa Rando (She/Her)

Marisa is a native New Yorker and marketing expert with experience across tech companies and community organizations. She is committed to creating local, democratic systems of safety alongside her neighbors.

Rudy Fraser

Rudy Fraser (He/Him)

Rudy is a native New Yorker and technologist with experience leading IT teams and building robust IT architecture. He is passionate about healing with community, creating sustainability, and leveraging technology to solve problems.

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