Shared, secure money management

We help teams create shared accounts to manage money faster and more transparently, without giving up the keys to the kingdom.

Money is collective power.

We want to change the way people see money - from individualized transactions, frustrations, and debts - to a tool that we can all cooperate around. That’s why we built Papertree as a way for partners and teams to make decisions faster, and with more trust. 

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How it works

Grow your account

Have members of your team add to your fund or receive funding through a payment page or widget on your existing site.

Manage funds fairly

Keep trust and momentum high with transparent reporting and voting features that make budgeting easy and automatic. 

Skip the paperwork

Papertree acts as a fiscal host for USD and cryptocurrencies so you don’t need a bank account or multi-sig for your fund and can create new ones as workstreams evolve.  

Painting of two people mutually supporting each oth

The roots of our tree.

Papertree started as a tool we built to help our neighbors share funds for groceries in Central Brooklyn. We continue to support our community and are in constant gratitude for their participation in inspiring this vision. 

Papertree Team

Rudy Fraser

Marisa Rando (She/Her)

Marisa is a native New Yorker and marketing expert with experience across tech companies and community organizations. She is committed to creating local, democratic systems of safety alongside her neighbors.

Rudy Fraser

Rudy Fraser (He/Him)

Rudy is a native New Yorker and technologist with experience leading IT teams and building robust IT architecture. He is passionate about healing with community, creating sustainability, and leveraging technology to solve problems.

Support you can count on.

Like managing funds, we believe support is better when it’s collective.

Join our Slack to contact our team or get in touch with other members of the community for support. If Slack’s not your thing, you can email us at

Painting of two people mutually supporting each oth

Make money work for your team.

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